Woodworking Classes

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If you’ve been wanting to learn how to work with wood, but didn’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been teaching woodworking since 2013 to students of all age groups, from varied backgrounds, across India and abroad.


One-on-one classes are conducted at my workshop in Gurgaon, combining solid foundational information with hands-on experience. I provide in-depth knowledge on materials, tools, and processes, supplemented by building a small project to put all the learning into action.

These classes serve as a solid introduction to starting woodworking as a hobby or a profession.

The class structure is broadly divided into three segments.

Beginner: For those who have an interest in woodworking but have never worked with wood or tools and want to give it a try, we recommend a four-class introduction. Or you can try a Make & Take session – details below.

Intermediate: For those who have some basic tools and have tinkered around with wood, but now want to level up their skills, we recommend tailored sessions on varied subjects ranging from better joinery, to project planning, timber selection, finishing, safe machine operation and more.

Advanced: For those who have already completed introductory and intermediate classes with me, or are familiar with hands-on woodworking, we recommend fully customized workshops to help you move forward on your woodworking journey. Projects range from advanced joinery, to tackling a bigger project, advanced hand tool skills, building jigs and finishing techniques are just some of the options we can explore together.

Class duration: 2 hours, unless it’s a special group class. For outstation students, timings can be customized to make maximum use of time.

Make & Take

Want to build something without having to invest in setting up a workshop? Then come over for a Make & Take class. I will provide all the materials and tools needed for you to make a small project like a simple box, a serving tray, spatula, or a phone stand – we can discuss your project before you book your class. These projects can be finished in 2 or more 2-hour sessions, depending on the project you choose to build. Make & Take sessions will give you hands-on building experience and the satisfaction of creating something with your hands. No prior experience required.

Spoon & Bowl Carving

There’s something special about carving your own spoons and bowls. It’s a skill that goes back hundreds of years, to the time when man crafted his own utensils out of wood. Today, there is a greater awareness about moving away from plastics and metal towards natural materials like wood and bamboo. My Spoon & Bowl carving classes are the perfect introduction to this wonderful art.

Workshop Setup

Setting up a workshop is an exciting step in any woodworker’s journey. It requires careful planning for the optimal use of space, maintaining a good work flow, proper lighting, ventilation and storing tools and materials safely. No matter what the size of the workshop you want to set up – be it in the basement of your home or in a small corner of your balcony – or even a professional furniture building workshop – I can help you set it up. We will work together to design the optimal workshop in the space you have available.

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